18 June 2019

Kayaking in Möjareservatet

After moving out of Sweden in 2015, I've missed the Stockholm archipelago a lot. There’s nothing quite like it in Europe outside of Scandinavia and British Isles.

Me and Chillu went to my favorite part around the island of Möja. In the beginning of June there were very few people out there, so it was very quiet. As usual, Stockholm archipelago offered the best accommodation for the lowest price of 0 SEK.

The best accommodation is often free

Sunset seen from my sleeping bag

After sunset, as seen from Chillu's sleeping bag
This was our route on the first day (the time and elevation shown by Strava are wrong though).

Slalom around the small islands avoids the open sea, which makes it less windy and more pleasant. Also, the small islands and channels between them are more beautiful than the open sea.

Calm waters in Bockösundet, a channel between two islands

Enough with the words, for more photos you can go to Flickr or Google Photos (a bigger album from two cameras).