Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kayaking on a mirror

A couple of months ago me and Benny took a boat from Stockholm to Ingmarsö and then paddled for a couple of hours in the outer Stockholm archipelago. Even though we got soaking wet in the rain, it was a great experience and we had to come back. This time for two days.
The whole trip. We started in the south-west corner and slept on the big island in the north-east corner. About 30 km in total. By the way, the OSM map misses some islands and some are too big.
After two hours of paddling we found an awesome place for camping but we decided to continue a bit farther. And it was worth it, because we found paradise on Earth: Idskär is a small island of size 500 × 200 metres, so it's only inhabited by trees, birds and spiders. There were no mosquitoes or annoying ants. A couple of meters from our private beach was a luxurious thick soft moss where we pitched the tent (I ended up sleeping outside of the tent anyway).
Our private beach on Idskär with our kayaks.
It was still too early, so we went for a short ride before the sunset. The sunset was stunning.
Saturday was without a cloud and with a slight wind, while Sunday was with clouds and without wind. We had to paddle on a mirror.
We also found a very old wooden ship wreck in need of exploring.
This trip has exceeded my already high expectations. Great weather, a lot of solitude and an awesome sunset. I would like to come back as soon as possible but unfortunately the winter is coming.

As always, full album is on Google+.

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  1. I also want this kind of kayaking. I must give this kind of a trip a try when I do kayak Philippines later this month! Thanks for sharing.