12 September 2012

Living with histamine intolerance

Two weeks ago I suggested histamine tolerance as a diagnose to a stranger on the internet. Yesterday he/she thanked me:

Hey I know it has been like 2 weeks since you told me about histamine intolerance (not sure if you even remember), but I just feel like I need to thank you. I am now 99% sure my problem is actually a histamine intolerance instead of a wheat intolerance!

I think it was a placebo for the first few days of the wheat free diet, then I got really ill again. Since starting a low histamine diet, my symptons have reduced drastically. I've had a (mainly) runny nose and other issues for actually over 5 years now and they've gradually got worse. So if I really do have a histamine intolerance, you have done what maybe 20 doctors, a grand of my own money, 3 operations and lots of depression couldn't... I can't believe it was never suggested to me before!

I do still need to get it confirmed by a doctor maybe but...If I ever meet you irl, I'd like to shake your hand. THANKS

Almost everyone suffering from histamine intolerance has the same story as this one. They have been to many doctors in 5-10 years, it cost them a lot of money, but nothing really changed and things got often worse. Then they found their diagnose and now they feel reborn.

My story is similar. When I was a kid, I was competing in orienteering (running in the forest with a map). I ran around 1500 km a year – mostly in the forest in the mountains. In 1999, I was a national champion twice. Then, in April 2000, we had a first round of qualification for the school championship. This was a very small competition in my hometown, the first round of the national championship. I ran but suddenly couldn't breathe. I finished 3rd and barely qualified to the next round. I was a national champion who came 3rd among kids that didn't even train!

In the next 2 years I visited maybe 10 doctors all over Slovakia. Everything was negative, I didn't have asthma and I was the healthiest person. One doctor even suggested that the problem was only in my head. Now after 12 years I finally know the cause.

Training and competing was very painful, so I stopped completely soon after that. I also had other problems later, one of the worst was insomnia and again, many doctors couldn't help me and I was the healthiest person.

Last year, I went to a doctor and got a medicine and since then it went downhill very fast. The pills I was taking made the intolerance worse and I got a different and stronger pill every few months. In the end I was in constant pain and could sleep 3-4 hours a day. In the meantime, my friend Katka suggested the diagnose to me. Now it's half a year since I started my diet and my stomach is almost fully recovered from all the damage done by the pills.

For the last 2 months I'm feeling like I'm reborn. I have better sleep and I'm no longer tired all the time. I don't get painful migraines in the middle of the day. I have more energy, better focus and I actually feel a bit smarter. It feels like they day suddenly has 40 hours. I have so much energy and time that sometimes I don't know what to do.

I'm glad I finally figured it all out. The real life starts now.